To love someone is to respect one anothers feelings,unconditionally

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 Hi every one this is my new website which will take  time to finish, so if you just be patient with me I shall be adding more to the site, I am first starting with flower essences all diferent ones and it is my wish to help people,  for now why not just browse through and see if you see anything of a interest, I shall update it as often as possible,please take time to enjoy my music,as i have put music on each page, which all have meaning for me, hope you enjoy. A great deal of emotions have went into this website its been from my heart and soul, and specially the findhorn essence page with all my own  music. Now a word on the music folks if you don't wish to listen to the music on each page as it may at times be distracting while trying to read for some people, just go to bottom left hand corner of my pages and click the off button. Please be patient for the songs to load up as some of my pages are longer than others,and if you wish to hear what is being said on the small clip then just pause the music by going to bottom left of page.My pride and joy above kelly my daughter saying welcome to flower essences.. thankyou